"The Lighting Cube Show" (Das Original!)


The LIGHTING CUBE ShowElement cube - modern & effective

The new performance "The Lighting Cube Show" presents a new era of acts on the basis of different parts - music & light effects, moving silouettes, projection and modern juggling art - in combination! Mystical creations designed by forms in the elastic inner part of the cube shows a timeless performance, accented by the unique outfit with his LEDlights. And by impressive velocity the silver cube projects oratorically figures in the air, which shows the visual view of the artistic skills.

This cube act performance is very suitable for corporate events any kinds, stages, fairs and can be even considered for a living decoration as advertising projection plate for company logos, photos and videos as well! The performance duration time is approximately 6 1/2 minutes.

CubeAct.com - presentation possibillities

Presentation possibillities

Promotion & Sales

Easy representation of brands and logos up to approximately 1.50m (each side) square size as eye catcher before and during the show by:

Pictures, PowerPoints and video clips meet the new dimension of projection walls set as highlight and in combination with the life performance on stage!

Booking options

Show durations

  • Original (ca. 6.30 minutes)
  • Long (ca. 7.20 minutes)
  • Short (ca. 4 minutes)
  • By request!

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