"Aerial Cube & Silk Show"

(aerial performance)

Aerial CUBE & SILK ShowCombination of the cube element & silk acrobatic

"Floating in an oversize cube in the air and playful with light and shadow, Jens Jensen is performing that high-end performance."

That unique and modern show includes powerful and elegant parts of aerial and ground acrobatic in combination. These singular, modern presentations can be combined to a strong & elegant air-to-surface acrobatic, which can be realized and/or used in almost all kinds of shows! (Even on smaller stages and without the momentum part – with low height and place – the presentations keep the impression.) Additionally the presentation of the aerial act can be changed depending upon cause and requirements exactly after your conceptions, for example music, costume, trick sequence.

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Presentation possibillities

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Booking option inclusive covered cube is also available, similar to "The Lighting Cube show" by:

as presenting decoration before and/or as intro for the aerial show!

Booking optoins

Show durations

  • Original (ca. 6-7 minutes)
  • By request!

Time changes are reserved by the client and / or technical background at event location (height / space / distance)!

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