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Strauss Innovation

Lustwandel - Event of senses and an intoxicant celebration full of highlights!

Strauss Innovation - Interpretation of the raffle with Markus SchreylThat time Strauss invited their guests to an wow-factor-event full creativity. At the same time the audience of the evening was entertained and informed about the new variable range of products by Strauss. As on the fashion walk, up in the air and at the exhibition areas.

Special highlights of the event were the performances of the artist Jens Jensen. He took the audience in a world full of poetical power with breathtaking acrobatics. Once hanging at white flying silks, once hanging inside a silver metal cube - he performed his acts of balance over the heads of the guests. The presenter of the evening was Markus Schreyl, well known as presenter of "Supertalent", the casting show for talents on RTL. Food and refreshments were available by different chefs and fresh cooking stations - truly stroll of senses!

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