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50 Years Schroff LLC

Schroff-Anniversary: The Straubenhardt hall got a new face especially for that event!

50 Jahre Schroff GmbH - Jens Jensen Tuchakrobatik50 Jahre Schroff GmbH - Cubeman Jens JensenRed carpet, wonderful ambience, lots of culinary delights and a perfect program, together with historical emphases, was presented to the 650 guests and employees to the 50. anniversary of the "Schroff GmbH" in Straubenhardt.

Since the beginning with the married-couple Gunther 1962 the company growth to a group of about 800 employees from 20 nations today, with lots of industry. Well known guests, like county commissioner Röckinger, mayor Will Rutschmann, CDU member of the state parliament Marianne Engeser... honor the management directors, Daniel Stirpe, Jürgen Mächtel, and founder family Schroff for the good collaboration and trust to the location Straubenhardt, in good and bad years.

Lots of artists, from comedy to acrobatic, up to musical highlights were provided for a good atmosphere. Stage poetical parodies taken from the real life of the company are considered everyone, even the management directors and VIP guests, for example county commissioner Röckinger. Also the guests were entertained with power and grace, up in the air by Jens Jensen and his cube or by the hand to hand acrobatic trio on the ground. To find the right beat a freestyle percussion show was rocking with everything they could get. And the animated employees and guest of the Schroff GmbH proved their feeling of rhythm and team work!

Furthermore the cohesion was presented by a tree of metal - the basic material of the Schroff LLC. Everyone of all the employees and guests was invited to sign a metal sheet to hang on for his presence. "That will be our demonstration to show our cohesion and growth in future", said Marketing Director Gwenaele Kellner. A perfect idea as symbol, to see and to admire at the lobby of the Schroff LLC.

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