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Holiday on Ice - World Tour

"In Concert" - one of the most famous show production by Holiday on Ice.

A fascinated audience of millions around the world!

Holiday on Ice - In Concert World TourThe show production "In Concert" was crowned as on of the most successful shows of history of Stage Entertainment by a fascinated audience of millions. Standing ovations every day; doesn't matter which country, doesn't matter which nation.

"In Concert" was the first multimedia show full of projections, light effects, video and live music. The start of a new era of Holiday on Ice! The audience was live entertained with musical highlights by a strong voiced singer duo and world class musicians. Very closely - within one's reach! Styles, like Blues, Jazz, Fusion, Flamenco and Classic were interpreted by the musicians and set at the limelight by the performers on ice. "In Concert" - a very successful show with international ice stars from different continents and breathtaking acrobatic on the ground and up in the air with Jens Jensen!

Holiday on Ice - In Concert World Tour

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Facts & Figures:

  • > 50 ice skater & artists on ice
  • > 20 crew members
  • > 200 shows on tour
  • > 20 countries
  • > 100 cities