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Circus Krone presents

All good things comes in threes.

Krone festival building - Winter circus 2004

Circus KroneFor the 3rd time the traditional circus of Munich presents the new show program at the festival building in Munich, Marsstr. 34, with 34 artists from 10 nations that winder season. All facets of classical circus and modern art will be represent by 50 shows!

Themed by "Fascination of the Manege" you will see selected acrobatic stars, impressive animal trainings and amazing clowns. The program is so international as the circus itself. A rendezvous of continents, countries and nations. With a special mix of dreams and fantasy, instant buzz and humor. And of course with lots of magnificent animals.

Lots of dancing elements are combined with circus in a rare symbiosis. The fascination circus is inviolate. Also the world of artists, animal trainer and clowns have not lost of their charm at the present-day multi media century. Everything is possible. Nothing is to far. Let's impress you by the last live adventure and deep into a colorful fairytale world. Enjoy the allure of experiences, the crackle tension or impulsive happiness. Circus is a pleasure always.

Jens JensenJens Jensen - Circus Krone

(Germany / first time in Munich)

So close to the sky!

Jens Jensen, the talented artist, is gliding in a head-high cube in the air and plays with light and shadow. He is circulate the cube around in momentum and pirouettes and set an acrobatically highlight at a dizzy height.

The "Cubeman" loops up on straps and silks with amazing craft and impressed by masculine upswings. Only two more acrobats can do this - the magic of flying cubes.

As acrobatically crowd-pleasure he was a popular star of that winter season for the press in Munich also; ones as "Flying Sindbad", ones as "Cubeman". To be very popular and full house every day he was motived to supreme performances up to the sky, floating in his cube and silks.

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